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Q: What is a greeting card mailing business?



A greeting card mailing business is a service that provides unique greeting card mailings for professionals and small business owners. Most people in business realize the importance of letting their clients know they are thinking of them and appreciate their business. This builds loyalty which leads to more repeat business and generates referrals. In the hectic pace of day-to-day business, this essential element is often overlooked.  A greeting card mailing business that provides busy professionals with "keep-in-touch" mailing programs to their client base.

Q: Who are some of the professionals who need these "keep-in-touch" mailing programs for their clients?


The number of professionals who can use a the service a greeting card mailing business provides is limitless, but here are a few who can benefit greatly.

  • Realtors who work with buyers and sellers and want repeat and referral business. You can provide realtors with a unique type of mailing program called the "Home Anniversary Follow-Up" for their buyers.
  • Financial Planners, Stockbrokers and Insurance Professionals who want to send birthday cards to their clients for that personal touch.
  • Mortgage Brokers who work closely with both real estate agents and borrowers. Cards specific to the mortgage industry can help mortgage bankers get referrals from their Realtors and repeat business from their borrowers.
  • All types of sales people who have a dedicated client base from whom repeat business is essential. Thank you's and quarterly "keep-in-touch" programs are a perfect way to help insure future business.

See our web page - About Who Can Use It for more details.


Q: What are some of the advantages of owning a greeting card mailing business?



  • An abundance of potential business due to the numerous niche markets that need this type of service.
  • The variety of professionals with whom you work makes your job profitable, challenging, interesting and fun.
  • Flexible hours allowing you to fit your business around your schedule. Work three-12 hour days, five-8 hour days or take Mondays off. It's your decision.
  • A part-time or full-time business is available to you. You can operate a part-time business and put as much effort into your business as you wish.
  • Home based if desired. Since you can meet your customers in their offices, a greeting card mailing business can easily be operated out of your home. Working at home can reduce overhead, offer tax benefits and allow you flexibility around family and other considerations in your life.
  • Repeat business for a greeting card mailing business is phenomenal. Once your customers are tied to your service, they have little reason to go elsewhere for their personalized mailings.
  • Revenues with a gross profit margin of 55% to 75%.

Q: How does Signature Greetings business model differ from other online greeting card services?


What you may be thinking is, does having a better product, give you a better business? We think so, and here's why...

  • Since this is not a multi-level business, you would not have to overcome that stigma. You would own your business which you could eventually sell to make even more money. It is similar to renting vs. owning.
  • When you use our Signature Mailings Managers software, there is absolutely no indication that an online service was used to process the mailings. Professionals love this feature because it looks like they actually sent the card themselves.
  • A recent survey concluded that over 95% of greeting card recipients felt that scanned in signatures are impersonal and look mass produced. While we have the technology to scan in signatures, we highly encourage hand signatures.
  • That same survey indicated that over 85% of people felt that colorful envelopes, commemorative postage, local postmarks and the inclusion of your customer’s business cards enhance greeting card mailings. A better product does give you a better business.


Q: What is the competition like for a greeting card mailing business?


We have found hardly any competition locally or throughout the country. With our exclusive programs, you are set apart from any competitors that may be out there.

Q: What are the profit margins for a greeting card mailing business and how much money can I expect to make?


  • The pricing you set should be based on your market and, of course, the economy.  Some of our most successful programs price the sending of one card at over $3.50 per card.
  • The average hard cost of each greeting card will be somewhere between $0.38-$0.45 for the card and, of course, you will need to add postage of $0.45.
  • How much money you make will depend entirely on you and how much time and effort you want to put into your business.  A lot will depend on whether you run your business part-time or full-time.

Q: What is Signature Greetings role?


Besides ongoing support and business mentoring for our licensees we can provide you with the tools to help turn this home based business idea into a greeting card mailing business of your own. Our Smart Start Program includes the Signature Mailings Manager software which is very user friendly, comprehensive and probably one of the most valuable pieces of software you'll hope to find to help you operate your greeting card mailing business.  Also available to you are our marketing tools and products.

Q: Now that I have the idea, why should I use Signature Greetings products?


Perhaps the most obvious answer to that question is another question - why spend the time, money, and effort to reinvent the wheel?  Our marketing tools and products can be purchased to help you start and grow your own greeting card mailing business.

Q: If I buy the Smart Start Program, will there be ongoing fees? Is this a franchise?


No, this is not a franchise and no, there are no ongoing fees. You simply learn from us what has helped us succeed and can use any or all of the products we offer to help you run your own greeting card mailing business.

Q: What is the Signature Mailings Manager? What does it have to offer?


Signature Mailings Manager is part of the Smart Start Program that Signature Greetings offers.  The software is designed to...

  • Enable you to handle LARGE mailing runs for hundreds of different customers with ease and efficiency.  You can print an unlimited number of envelopes in one print run.
  • Allow the flexibility to mail for your customers on a scheduled basis.  Daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly.  You can pick any of these and more.
  • Provide your customers with reports that show them exactly what clients are receiving mail from them and when the mailing is being sent.
  • Generate a listing of all your customers' clients for any given time period.
  • Produce internal reports which identify how many and which cards need to be ordered. You can run this report for one month, multiple months or even for the whole year.
  • Print your customer's individual return address on each of his or her client's envelopes.
  • Code each envelope to identify each piece of mail by the customer, type of card and date to be mailed.
  • Update customer records continually.
  • Maintain an invoice record for each customer, which can be directly exported into an accounting program for immediate billing. This is a huge time saver.


Q: How computer proficient must I be to use the Signature Greetings Software?


If the Smart Start Program is purchased, you do not need to be a computer whiz to use the Signature Mailings Manager software.  Computer knowledge and experience is definitely a plus, but we offer a training program, ongoing technical support and business mentoring, and our software is extremely "user friendly"!

Q: Can the Signature Mailings Manager Software be purchased separately from the Smart Start Program?


The Signature Mailings Manager Software can be purchased as part of the Smart Start Program.  We recommend that the Smart Start Program is purchased since the software was designed to handle industry specific mailing plans.  These mailing plans are part of the Smart Start Program and are taught in depth during the three-day training.   

Q: How do you get customers? Is cold calling necessary?


Unless you love cold calling, we suggest you abandon that thought!

The products we offer can help you with your marketing. We share with you the direct mail marketing pieces we've used in our business. These are simple, inexpensive and WORK! We also share with you how to network with professionals, use local publications to attract customers, how to market at trade shows and procure presentations at sales meetings. But best of all, we share with you how to get referrals and endorsements that really bring in the business.

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