The Facts About Client Retention

Below, we have provided some statistics about client retention and how they relate to a Greeting Card Mailing Business and this home based business idea:

  • 91% of small businesses do little or nothing to retain existing customers.
  • The average American business loses 50% of its customer base every 5 years.
  • It costs 7 to 9 times more to develop a new customer than to retain a current one.
  • Your client needs to be reminded of who you are, 78% of your customers are lost after six months of no contact.
  • A greeting card mailing business can help professionals and small business owners stay in contact with their client and customer base and help to build their repeat and referral business.

In a recent survey, the following results confirmed what many of us have known all along:

  • 96% of people who receive a greeting card will open it.
  • 88% of greeting card recipients feel more valued when they receive a greeting card that expresses appreciation.
  • 95% of greeting card recipients felt that scanned in signatures are impersonal and look mass produced.
  • 87% of greeting card recipients stated that if a business card was included in the greeting card, they would keep it for future contact.




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